Inspiration Blog: Winter Skincare

As the temperatures drop in the winter months, so does the moisture from our skin. Flakiness, splotchiness, and dullness are out to get us all. But we can fight these environmental foes with proper skincare and a little TLC. Here are some of our favorite products, and beauty tips for making the most of our winter skin. This also makes our job easier and you look better, since makeup looks so much better on skin that is well taken care of!


One of the best ways to rid your skin of flakiness, allow new cells to regenerate, soften and brighten your whole look- not to mention make you look younger- is to make sure you exfoliate at least twice a week. Here is our number one exfoliating product, and we sell it in our salon as well!

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After exfoliating, you better tone that skin to soothe and moisturize it. And it’s good to use something gentle that feels refreshing. A favorite product we have recently used is organic and very simple, but what an amazing feeling when you put it on with a cotton ball. You can use this once a day or as many times as you feel like to refresh yourself.

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After exfoliating and toning, it’s very important to moisturize right away and seal that moisture into your skin. During the day, a moisturizer with SPF is best and at night a good emollient rich cream without sunscreen is good. If your skin is very dry coconut oil and grapeseed oil are very good and can be applied directly to the face.

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Don’t forget about your lips!! We have many clients who come in especially in the winter, or are at weddings and their lips are peeling and chapped and this makes for a more difficult time applying lipstick, gloss, lip pencils. Be ready for us by exfoliating your lips as well, and using a lip treatment on them. One way to exfoliate lips that is super cheap is to dab olive oil on them, then take a raw sugar and scrub this on in small circular motions.

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Wendy + John | Wedding

Here we have Wendy and John’s wedding- a ceremony with such lush natural beauty. Wendy went very light and very natural on her makeup- but it was just the perfect amount! Just a tad more definition of the brow, a sheer rose on her cheeks and lips, and some lashes and that’s about it! Hair was left down and in loose curls, Wendy was radiant and comfortable with her own true look, which we just enhanced a touch. We’re obsessed with the florals from this wedding- the palest of pink and cream roses, and then peonies and hydrangeas tied up in decadent silk bows. The canopied altar overlooking the sea completed the romantic and feminine affair, all captured by none other than genius photographer Caroline Tran.











Photography by: Caroline Tran

Guest Blogger – Transitioning Beauty From Fall to Winter

Tips to Transition Your Beauty Routine From Fall to Winter

By: Breanne Banessi of

The holiday season is busy enough with cards to write, cookies to bake and social gatherings to attend without having to worry about your changing skin. Tweaking your beauty regimen at the end of fall can help you transition smoothly into winter so your skin doesn’t freak out when the temperature drops and the air becomes increasingly dry.

Skincare Routine

When the weather changes you adjust your wardrobe and beauty products according to the season. Often, the skin is overlooked and is left out to dry. Literally. Your skin changes when the temperature does and with little to no moisture in the outside air and heaters constantly running indoors, your skin tends to become drier. You may experience dry patches, rough or itchy skin and even some flaking. To combat dryness, it is important to exfoliate regularly. Use a gentle cleanser, or a scrub if your skin is more oily, and a washcloth and gently buff the product into the skin using the washcloth. Rinse your face as you normally would. While toners and astringents are not a necessary part of a skincare routine, some women love to use these products. If you are one of them, consider switching to a toner that is designed to balance or calm skin. Alcohol free toners, such as the Shiseido Pureness or Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile, are excellent choices for winter skin. Once you’ve washed (and toned) your face, it’s time for sunscreen. Just because it isn’t warm and tropical feeling doesn’t mean the sun won’t damage your skin. Your regular sunscreen should be fine as long as you use a good moisturizer on your skin. Oils have become a major hit in the beauty industry and can be an excellent skincare product to help your skin transition from fall to winter. Consider using argan, rosehip seed or marula oil on your face. If you aren’t sure you want to use an oil on your face, consider a moisturizer like CeraVe, that is made to hydrate even the most sensitive of skin.

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When transitioning from fall to winter makeup, there are more areas to take into consideration than just changing up your lip color. Due to the dryness in the air, your skin might really appreciate a more hydrating foundation than you would normally use. Two foundations that help to add life and glow to dull winter skin are MAC Face and Body and L’Oreal True Match Lumi. Both have a dewy finish, so set with powder. If your skin is more oily and you don’t want to add dewiness into your skin, consider a foundation which helps to control oil. Use a hydrating setting spray to keep skin hydrated without becoming a shiny mess. When it comes to the rest of your face makeup, you are pretty much limited only by your imagination. Some holiday trends that can be easily worn during the transition from fall to winter are gold lids, plum or mauve colored blush and berry or red lips.

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General Fashion Tips

The rest of your wardrobe may not change drastically from fall to winter, though it may include more layers. If you love leggings, look for leggings that are fleece lined to add a bit more warmth. Your favorite fall riding boots are perfect for both the transition from fall to winter and the winter season. Accessories that transition well from fall to winter are statement necklaces, particularly when layered over a collared shirt and a cozy sweater, delicate bracelets and sparkly stud earrings, which never go out of style.

Get ready for the holiday season by incorporating a few new items to prep for winter now. Having these items on hand, and acclimating your skin to them, helps you avoid dry or irritated skin. Have fun and get creative with your fall to winter beauty regimen!


Sue + Howard | Wedding

Sue, a longtime friend of Theresa Huang, got married to Howard recently and the wedding was simply divine. Photographed by Don Lee Studio, Sue’s true beauty was captured. Stunning aerial photos of the couple at their downtown LA venue were breathtaking. And so was the dress! A gorgeous strapless confection with intricate lace detail, this dress needed an unfussy hairstyle- so Sue wore it in loose waves with lots of volume over one shoulder. And we love that the bridesmaids had 2 different colors for their dresses! Tres chic!











Photography by: Don Lee Studio

Featured Post – Chic Vintage Brides

We have posted these images in an earlier blog, but are showing them off again since they have been featured on the fabulous wedding blog, Chic Vintage Brides! The blogger writes a lovely piece about Erica Elizabeth, the designer of these exquisite headpieces and veils, and Caroline Tran- the amazing photographer. The 2015 collection is based on a fragrance Erica also released English Rose. The blog points out that Erica’s site also has a section that gives brides helpful tips on choosing their veil as well. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Erica Elizabeth many times and here’s to many more in the future.












Photography by: Caroline Tran